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Published 09/10/2014 at 1:53am UTC

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SecureVideo (using the VSee platform) can be used to hold group sessions, although we don't recommend having more than 6 participants (including the host) on a call and will display a warning once 5 guests have already been added. (Note: participants on a tablet are limited to calls with 5 or fewer participants, and on a smartphone, it is 4 or fewer participants.)


If you expect to often host group sessions, please contact [email protected] to discuss our Zoom platform.


VSee's peer-to-peer connection is a strength in certain network conditions, but also causes group sessions to be resource-intensive. You are connecting directly to each participant, meaning you are sending and receiving data from each person directly. When you add a second, third, etc. participant, you are doubling, tripling, etc. the amount of video that you are sending and receiving. (For more information on finding and interpreting this data, please see our support article, How can I diagnose my equipment and connection?)


However, we have some tips to keep a high quality session.


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1. Ask participants to use an ethernet connection instead of a wireless one. 

Using an ethernet cable instead of a wireless internet connection can produce a stronger, more stable internet connection. (You can find affordable ethernet cables at almost any computer equipment store, or online with stores like Amazon.)


2. Ask participants to use headsets or earbuds. (For recommendations, please see the support article, Should I get a headset or external microphone?)

Headsets reduce ambient noise and provide clearer sound quality. Using a headset or earbuds is also the best way to prevent echoing and feedback. 


3. Ask participants to mute themselves when not speaking, and unmute themselves when they want to speak. (Small noises like breathing, typing, or clearing your throat can be fine in a one-to-one call, but combining these sounds among several people, it can quickly become distracting!)


4. If necessary, you may need to decrease your participants' video resolutions (or have your participants decrease their video resolutions) if you are experiencing lag with a group. (Because upload speeds are always slower than download speeds, if you are in the middle of a call, ask the participants experiencing lag to decrease their own video resolution first.)



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