Group Sessions: Zoom, One-Click, VSee

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Published 09/10/2014 at 1:53am UTC

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This support article details how group sessions work. 


SecureVideo has three different video platforms integrated: Zoom, One-Click, and VSee.

  • Zoom was set as the default video engine for new accounts starting May 2016, for greater quality in group sessions and challenging network environments. 
  • One-Click was introduced in October 2020 as an easy, no-install solution.
  • SecureVideo began in 2013 with VSee, and continues to support it as a legacy video solution. 


If you are unsure which platform you are using, check the lower left hand corner of your Dashboard to see if the button says "Install Zoom" or "Install VSee". If there is no install button, and/or the session shows "One-Click" on the meeting panel or page, then it is a One-Click session. 


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Zoom group sessions

You can have up to 300 participants in a group session on Zoom (including the host).


One-Click group sessions

You can have up to 50 participants in a group session on One-Click (including the host).


VSee group sessions

If you are using the VSee integration, we don't recommend having more than 6 participants (including the host) on a call and will display a warning once 5 guests have already been added. (Note: participants on a tablet are limited to calls with 5 or fewer participants, and on a smartphone, it is 4 or fewer participants.)


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