Android/VSee: Video feed is black

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Published 06/30/2015 at 6:38pm UTC

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When launching a session on VSee, your screen is black where your own video feed should be, and the other person cannot see you. 


Possible Causes

VSee may not have properly connected to your front camera. You can prompt VSee to look again for your front camera by switching to the back camera, and switching again to the front camera. 



1. Tap on the camera icon along the bottom of your screen.

Camera icon along top of the screen


2. In the "Flip Camera" section, tap on "Front" to switch to the back camera.

"Front" camera


3. Then tap on "Back" to switch again to the front camera.

"Back" camera


If this doesn't resolve the issue, try swiping VSee out of your background applications, and start the session again. 



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