Zoom or One-Click: How do invitees join a video session? (Account holder to account holder)

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Published 09/20/2015 at 11:35pm UTC

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If another user on your SecureVideo organization account has invited you to a session, you should be able to join the session direct from your own Dashboard; this is a type of session also known as "host-to-host", as both sides are account holders. Here is a step-by-step guide to joining those sessions.


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Enter Session

1. Log into the website to access your Dashboard.


2. To enter the waiting room of a fellow account holder, click the "Enter Waiting Room" button under the host's name. (If there are other participants invited to the same session, you will also see their names in this session panel.) Then wait for the host to start the session.

Enter Waiting Room button under scheduler's name



Tip: Any host-to-host session that you are invited to will be distinguishable by these characteristics:

  • Instead of an access code above the button to connect, there is your host's phone number.
  • There is no option "Manage" for the session.
  • There is no option "Add Participant" for the session.
  • You can view the names of other participants for the session, but cannot affect them.



Hide Session

If you have declined a session, you may want to hide it. 

1. Click on the "Hide" button on the left-hand side of the meeting panel. 

Hide button


2. On the popup that appears, click "Hide Session" to confirm. 

Hide Session button


Your host will also see that you have hidden the session. 



Unhide Session

If you have hidden a session by mistake, you can unhide the session if it is still active (i.e., not expired or cancelled). 

1. Scroll down to the bottom of your dashboard and click on the "Show Hidden Sessions" button. (The button will also display the number of sessions currently hidden. The button does not appear if the number of hidden sessions is 0.) 


2. All hidden sessions will be expanded temporarily. Click on the "Unhide" button to confirm you would like that meeting to display normally again. 

Unhide button



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